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Agro-industrial Business is in our DNA

25 years of experience in the Wheat Flour distribution in Angola allowed to built Grandes Moagens de Angola (GMA) in partnership between Angolan and international investors.

GMA operates in the wheat flour milling business and has developed the largest wheat flour mill in Angola as a major response to the country’s vision in the diversification of its economy. Bread is the major product to the Angolan consumer, being the biggest commodity consumed nationwide.

GMA is located at the heart of Luanda’s port with a state of art machinery and one of its kind in Sub-Saharan Africa with the capacity of 1,200 tons/day.

GMA - Grandes Moagens de Angola has the ambition to build a capacity within the coming five years up to 3,500 tons a day and developing businesses in the agro-industrial sector. It is only the beginning of an industrial strategy where wheat flour and its sub-products will be at the heart of our agro-industrial vision.

The strategy of GMA is based on the support of industrialization and technology development in Africa and fulfilling a major impact in these emerging markets while contributing to the diversification of local economy and becoming less dependent from the exterior.

Firmly rooted in Angola, contributing for a more diversified economy

Agro-industrial Business is in our DNA