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GMA - Grandes Moagens de Angola is actively committed with the agricultural development of the country, which seek to ensure the development of an Angolan agro-industrial cluster based on modernisation and domestic job creation, as well as on the transfer of technical knowledge and skills.

GMA - Grandes Moagens de Angola contributes to value creation in the agro-industrial sector through permanent investment in innovation and development, in food safety and in quality products.

The growth of the Angolan economy depends on its diversification and the agro-industrial sector has the capacity to contribute to future prosperity and wealth creation. From this perspective GMA - Grandes Moagens de Angola makes its contribution through the collective effort of all its employees.

The totality of GMA - Grandes Moagens de Angola’s operations will ensure greater availability of wheat flour in the national market, produced in a 100% Angolan owned factory. This will provide significant qualitative and quantitative improvements to the bakery, pasta and biscuit production industries while offering greater stability in the supply chain to consumers.

Furthermore, the large-scale industrial milling provided by GMA - Grandes Moagens de Angola will allow for the importation of unprocessed wheat grain, thereby reducing importation costs.