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GMA's solidarity continues

Grandes Moagens de Angola (GMA) will continue to support the population during the new state of emergency period and is committed to produce 35,000 loaves of bread to distribute to the neediest in the city of Luanda.

In addition to these 35,000 loaves of bread, another 5,000 are added that Casa dos Frescos will produce with wheat flour donated by GMA.

The second phase of the state of emergency was decreed by the President of the Republic until April 25 and the decision

The GMA, so far, and in conjunction with the National Interministerial Commission for the Prevention and Combat of Covid-19, has made wheat flour available to produce 50,000 breads a day, in partnership with three bakeries: Casa dos Frescos, Africana Discount and Franguinho.

During the first phase, the bread was delivered to Kuzola Homes, Horizonte Azul, Orphaned Girls Collection Center, Psychiatric Hospital, Pediatric Hospital, Barra do Dande Drug Addicts Center and to the parishes of the Catholic Church in Luanda.

For GMA, "this is a natural decision, because we produce an essential good for the country and, at these times, it is important to maintain support and solidarity for those who need it most and to place our productive capacity at the service of the common good".

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GMA's solidarity continues