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GMA buys wheat produced in Angola

As part of what has always been its investment strategy in the country and the commitment it has always dedicated to supporting the diversification of the national economy, GMA announced an agreement to purchase wheat grain from angolan, Novagrolíder.

This agreement, already embodied in the reception at GMA of the second shipment of 85 tons of national wheat grain from Novagrolíder, is the result of GMA's strategy of including national raw materials in its production, contributing to the dynamization of the economy and the reduction of imports, in what is a national aim and the guidance of the Government of Angola.

César Rasgado, administrator of GMA, stressed to the Angolan media that this is a historic milestone for the company and the country and another big step towards consolidating the national wheat flour producing industry.

On Novagrolíder's side, José Macedo, says this agreement with GMA is a sign of an excellent partnership between two companies that intend to boost the cultivation and production of raw materials in Angola, as well as the production of 100% Angolan flour.

This agreement between GMA and Novagrolíder was widely reported by the Angolan media, the links to which you can find below.

GMA buys wheat produced in Angola