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GMA in founding and leading of the sector association

The Angolan Wheat Flour Producers Association (APFTA) was created, with the GMA as chairman of the Board for the first two-year term.

APFTA was created to promote the sector of industrial processing of wheat flour and its mission is to contribute to the expansion, consolidation, and normalization of the market, including increasing the quality of the products produced.

Currently, there are three founding companies, the same ones that ensure the installed capacity in the country, which meets the annual internal demand of around 650,000 tonnes of flour, according to data from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

Considering that the production capacity of the three companies is over 800 thousand tons of wheat flour per year and that domestic consumption is around 650 tons per year, it is natural that Angola may soon also invest in exports, contributing, thus, to improve Angola's trade balance and contribute decisively to the national effort to diversify the economy.

The Association is chaired by Grandes Moagens de Angola and has Kikolo Moagens in the vice-presidency.

GMA in founding and leading of the sector association