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GMA - Grandes Moagens de Angola products are the end result of innovation, state of the art technologies and raw materials selected from the highest quality wheat from the European and American continents and as such are of superior quality to comparable imported products.

Wheat Flour

Wheat is the world’s most widely produced cereal for human consumption and its flour is used for the production of bread, pasta, biscuits and crackers, among other products. For this reason, wheat has a significant weight in the global agricultural economy.

GMA - Grandes Moagens de Angola possesses the flexibility to produce flours of different varieties, according to the needs of the Angolan local market. In the near future, GMA - Grandes Moagens de Angola will also be in a position to service the needs of target export markets in addition to the domestic market.

The wheat flour produced is packed in 50kg bags, then placed on pallets and stored for shipment.


Wheat milling produces bran, a byproduct that is widely used as a complement to animal feed.

The usefulness of bran for the production of animal feed is fundamental, allowing producers to offset the importation costs of this product.

The bran is granulated and warehoused in bulk for subsequent transportation by ship, truck or train.