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The GMA - Grandes Moagens de Angola project integrates a wheat mill for the production of flour with silos and support infrastructure for the loading and unloading of ships at the Luanda Harbour, Angola.

With a total area of 30,000m2, this industrial project benefits from privileged access for shipping the product in competitive conditions, substantially reducing the costs of transportation and other associated logistics.

In addition to industrial buildings, the site includes a laboratory, an industrial bakery for local industry training, raw material silos, silos and end product warehouses, offices, ship loading/unloading equipment, a canteen, workshops and truck parking facilities.

The privileged location of GMA - Grandes Moagens de Angola allows for a daily flow of more than 900 tons of wheat flour, resulting from the daily processing of 1200 tons of wheat, with uninterrupted production ensuring a regular supply of wheat flour to the market.