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GMA guarantees wheat flour production and supply to the market

Grande Moagens de Angola stands out again for the important contribution it is making to the national economy.

In a news release published on April 19, GMA, together with the other two Angolan mills, assured that the stock of 115 thousand tons of wheat grain, raw material to produce wheat flour, responds to consumption needs of the country, at least, in the next two to three months, so there is no reason to fear the scarcity of the product or the sudden increase in prices. In addition, the three companies manage to ensure the country's total needs - estimated at 600 thousand tons / year - since together they produce 720 thousand tons annually.

The guarantee was given by the Administrator of Grandes Moagens de Angola, C├ęsar Rasgado (representing the three mills currently in operation in the country), who also underlined the fact that these three factories directly employ more than 400 people and have generated, so far, the creation of more than a thousand jobs indirect, having contributed to Angola to substantially reduce the import needs of the processed flour, as well as the expenditure of its currencies.

The GMA Director was also keen to point out that these three milling units are equipped with the most modern technologies, aligned with the best international practices and that the sector has created qualified jobs, fulfilling what has always been a priority for these companies.

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